MH65 Internally opened and invert

Three-course sealing structure
Excellent air tightness and heat preservation,
Effectively enhance residential comfort


Product series
60 series, 65 series, 70 series, 75 series
Open types
Open out, inward tilt-turn, top-hung, bottom hung, horizontal sliding
Surface solution
Fluorine carbon, electrophoresis, spraying, wood
Aluminum alloy, aluminum wood, plastic steel



Thermal insulation properties
Excellent thermal insulation properties proving by 24mm thermal insulation bars and three-layer insulating glass; multi-cavity sections greatly lower the thermal loss caused by cross-ventilation and efficiently saving heating and refrigeration cost.

Ant dewing properties
Combining outstanding broken bridge structure with insulating glass, and adopting consummate processing technology as well as hardware fittings properly, fogging and dewing can be descended efficiently when there is temperature difference between indoor and outdoor and the indoor hot air meets cold aluminum section, thus a bright and clean environment is assured.

Wind pressure resistance
Unique thickened longitudinal tensile sections strengthens the window’s level bearing performance, the locked four points on the two sides enhanced the deep lock between the fans and the windows and support their good strength, adding lined steel into window frameworks and mullion assures good wind resistance in coastal cities.

Sound proofing properties
Three layers of sealing rubber strip lower the indoor noise effectively, and realize great sound proofing effect by insulating laminated glass or three glass two cavity glasses meanwhile.

Air permeability performance
Three layers of EPDM double sealing tape improve the buffering ability when closing, block the vitiated air entering into the indoors, and better air permeability performance and living comfort greatly.

Water permeability performance
Ponding is prevented and water permeability performance is enhanced through the unique thermal insulting C plus T type tape and balanced holes of air pressure, as well as proper drainage mechanism; and the unique group angular processing technology guarantees the permeability performance of doors and windows, and further improve the water permeability performance.