MH140 Lifting sliding door

Process of high quality aluminum alloy sliding doors
Create transparent and bright indoor space while ensuring good air tightness
Harmoniously integrates with the nature


Product series
76 series, 90 series, 100 series, 120 series, 140 series
Open types
Open out, inward tilt-turn, top-hung, bottom hung, horizontal sliding
Surface solution
Fluorine carbon, electrophoresis, spraying, wood
Aluminum alloy, aluminum wood, plastic steel


Easy operations, small open force, easy push and pull, and doors and fans can be stopped when the handle is revolved at any position. When they are locked, slit ventilation is allowed thus both ventilation and thievery prevention is guaranteed.

Little space occupied, large space opened, single fan can lead to 3000mm×3000mm open space, and it can bear 400KG load. Meanwhile, it owns outstanding lighting, which is suitable for villas and landscape balconies for gorgeous visual perception.

EPDM sealing tape and rim compaction adopted notably improve air permeability performance with longer durance.

No thresholds to offer a smooth transfer between thresholds and the ground, thus baby carriage and wheelchairs can go through smoothly and unobstructed.